40mphA few eagle-eyed Kinbuckers have spotted a proposal by Stirling Council to raise the speed limit from 30 to 40 mph at either end of Kinbuck.

In short the plans propose that sections of the road at each end of the village which  currently have a speed limit of 30 mph be increased to 40 mph, reducing the length of the 30 mph section through the village (a speed limit we know is already regularly flaunted).

As of the 12th December we are in a 3 week consultation period about the proposed change.  I would urge everyone to write a letter to Stirling Council at the address below outlining the clear and obvious reason why this proposal be reconsidered, for example

  • the narrow roadway on the Kinbuck railway bridge
  • the lack of pavements for pedestrians
  • the increasing number of children in the village
  • the fact the the current 30 mph speed limit is regularly exceeded

Letters should be addressed to

Les Goodfellow, Head of Environment Services, Viewforth, Stirling FK8 2ET

and be received no later than 9th January 2013.   Please quote reference number TM/6-SRO/2012(93) in your correspondence.

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