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Speed limits on B8033, Beauly to Denny, Scottish Water, Bridges Repairs, Potholes, Laighills Park, Police report, U turns on B8033, Perth Road Speeding

Speed limits on B8033 – council have done a review of speed limits on roads in the region.  Allanwater News ran an article on it last week.  There are 2 sections that will be looked at in Dunblane.  The B8033 entrance to Dunblane from the Keir roundabout and the northern section of the B8033 heading from Kinbuck/Ashfield to the current 30 mph as you enter Dunblane.  The intention is to introduce a 40mph buffer limit at a point prior to the existing 30mph signs to encourage traffic to slow down from the 50/60mph limits before they reach the 30mph signs.    At what point /location the new lower 40mph limit will be placed has not been agreed yet.  The council have confirmed they will consult with the community.

Beauly to Denny – Stirling Before Pylons have asked in the run up to the Scottish elections each party states their views in particular on the recently rejected Stirling Mitigation plans, ie what they would propose to support including views on undergrounding.  In terms of project works, the current activity is on the site for the Braco substation.  Incidently the small stone bridge this side of Braco has suffered some damage and will at some point in the very near future need to be repaired.  This will involve closure of the road to accommodate this.  SSE have provided reassurance that this will not involve construction traffic seeking an alternative access route from the south. Obviously there will be implications though for households and farm access in that area.   And please remain vigilant for HGV construction traffic NOT adhering to official routes.  No start dates confirmed for other project work around Kinbuck.

Scottish Water – will be attending the May DCC meeting to discuss the Dunblane Treatment works.

Bridges Stirling Arms / Kinbuck bridge over river Allan  – repairs to take place at Stirling Arms bridge including removal of concrete extensions to the pavements, road resurfacing and reconstruction of the masonry parapets.  At Kinbuck bridge work will involve improving the red and white barriers that are currently  there.

Potholes – these are gradually being repaired in the area.  Report any that you notice to Stirling council.

Laighills Park – a management plan for the Laighills should be forthcoming this year.

Police report – renewed discussions on setting up No Cold Calling zones in conjunction with Trading Standards.  Thefts – of stones from a local estate and theft from a farm property.  Door to door sales of property security products – reported incidents of this taking place with questionnaire being used set to frighten people into taking out security products.  Remember these people do not need to be in your home and you can say you are not interested. Illegal drinking – at Holmehill area.

U turn on B8033 if returning to Dunblane from M&S – please watch this as there have been numerous reports of cars pulling out from the U turn area and using the right hand lane of the B8033 as an acceleration lane before joining the left hand side of the road – some near misses reported by this dangerous driving method.

Perth Road Speeding – this area is likely to be targeted by police speed checks due to reports of cars speeding on this stretch.  You’ve been warned!

Next DCC meeting Monday 9th May at 7.30pm in the Burgh Chambers.


Angela Edgar
DCC Landward Ward

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