Book Club

Welcome to all readers, men & women.

Our group meet in the Hall every month, alternate Sunday/Monday evenings at 7.30pm to discuss our chosen novel.

Where ever possible we choose books from Stirling Coucil Library Services, Reading Group Collections ,which you can then borrow on your own card  from Dunblane library.

Book Club is a great way to experience different authors and enjoy a lively discussion.

£10 annual membership, tea & coffee provided.

All welcome.

Enquiries to Fiona @ 01786 880631 email

or come along on the night.

Future Dates, Books and Events: 2014

Sunday 11th May ‘The Golden Notebook’ by Doris lessing

I’m afraid this is not available in multiple copies from the library service.

Monday 2nd June ‘The star of the sea’ by Joseph O’connor
Multiple copies will be available from the Dunblane Library
Sunday 6th July  ’Kathie’ by Dora Taylor
Monday 4th August
Sunday 7th September
Monday 6th October
Sunday 2nd November


2 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. With best wishes for a very Happy Xmas & a Guid New Year to all our readers.

    Next meeting on Monday 6th February 2012 @7.30pm
    ‘Restless’ by William Boyd to be led by Sue.

  2. Christmas in Prague book – I had difficulty tracking this down. I presume this is the correct ISBN number – 978-0194789028. If you’re going to buy it, it’s a pricey book for 64 pages!

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