Fancy getting out in the fresh air and meeting up with your neighbours? Then come along and volunteer an extra pair of hands for ½ hr on any of the following days

Sun 6th March from 10.30 am
–  Tidy up and plan out some planting

Sun 3rd April from 10.30am
–  Put down compost, and do some planting and weeding

Sun 5th June from 10.30am
–  Tidy up, weeding and planting flowers

Sun 21st August from 10.30am
–  Tidy up, trimming and deadheading flowers

Sun 2nd Oct from 10.30am
–  Clear up dead leaves and remove dead plants, plan out gardening for next year.

It is not necessary to bring anything, but if you can bring tools such as clippers, trowel, brush, buckets or anything else this would be very  helpful.

(For more information contact  Clare – Tel 822956)

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