Month: February 2011

Dunblane Community Council – February Update

In this update: Scottish Water, ATM Card Reading Device, Police Report, Public Toilet Closure, Update on Adverse Weather Issues, Dunblane High School, VICO Planning Consultation, Gladman Planning Application Barbush, Beauly to Denny, BT Phonebox Ashfield, High Street GAP Site Scottish Water – the DCC wish to understand the current constraints [eg to expansion if development in Dunblane required this] and issues [eg odour problems] .  A site visit will take place and a representative from Scottish Water will attend the March DCC meeting. ATM Card Reading Device – there was a foiled attempt at the RBS in the High St, Dunblane.  I’d recommend everyone take necessary precautions, in particular cover your hand as you type your pin number [ cameras devices can be placed above keypad ] and if you notice anything suspicious contact the police.  Don’t attempt to remove or tamper with any device you suspect is there. Police Report New Community Inspector – Inspector Paton replaces the previous Inspector Sharkey. Break ins – there has been a spate of break ins in Dunblane – police are collaborating with Tayside police since there may be a connection to the break ins taking place in their area. Public Toilet Closure – toilets located near The Chimes at the cathedral end of town will close.  Toilets at the library and burgh chambers will be available instead.  Toilets at Bridgend will remain open until similar comfort partners can be negotiated.  Signage will be put up to direct...

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Kinbuck Village Fun Ten-Pin Bowling Night

Saturday 19th February 2011 7:00 for 7:30   Stirling AMF Bowling Alley 2 Games + Soup, Sandwich & Salad Only £10 per person We need exact numbers and pre-payment in order to pre-book lanes. Please contact either of the following before Friday11th February if you wish to attend:   Rosemary at Dreamfield (01786 825433) or Douglas at Mill House (01786...

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